Watermill of Asselborn – Binsfeld

Departure in the morning via Ettelbruck, Heiderscheid, Buderscheid, Wiltz, Derenbach to Asselborn. Guided tour through the almost thousand years old Watermill of Asselborn, which is considered being one of the oldest ban-mills in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. It could be traced for the first time in 1036 when it was acquired by the abbey of St. Maximin in Trier. Today the mill has been completely renovated to become a museum. Lunch in Asselborn. In the afternoon drive on via Troisvierges to Binsfeld. Visit of the rural museum "a Schiewesch" in Binsfeld. Situated in an old house from 1725, this museum gives a true picture of the life of our ancestors from the 17th to the 20th century. A presentation of farm tools, household utensils and furniture will allow you to approach this rural time until the appearance of the first tractors around 1950. Thereafter visit of the church of Holler from the 11th century which is now part of the protected historical monuments of Luxembourg. Return via Lausdorn, Heinerscheid, Hosingen to Hoscheid. Possibility for dinner. Return via Ettelbruck, Mersch to Luxembourg.

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